BE United Soccer

BE United Families,
We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 12th at 7 PM at the fieldhouse. Coaches, managers, and parents are encouraged to attend. This is an important meeting to elect new members of the board and to report on the activities of the club.
We have several important open board positions and are looking for volunteers to fill these roles. Open board positions are listed below, followed by a brief description of the duties. We also need a new Registrar, which is a paid position, and training will be provided.

This club succeeds because of volunteers like you. There are many exciting changes you can be a part of by joining the board and helping grow this amazing club. You may volunteer for the open board positions or apply for the paid Registrar position by emailing by October 22.


Chris Pebley, BE United President


All nominations or volunteers for the Board of Directors and Officer positions should be submitted by emailing by October 22.


  • PRESIDENT ELECT: The President Elect sits as the Vice President on the Board and shall become the President after the President's term is over or the President resigns. The President Elect is over the competition program in the area and will assist in putting teams together. The President Elect shall assist the President as needed.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: This Director shall be responsible for taking pictures at events. This Director shall be in charge of interfacing with the public including sending out emails to the members, keeping the website updated, submitting items to newspapers, and maintaining the clubs social media presence. Experience with Instagram/Facebook very helpful.
  • FUNDRAISING: This Director shall arrange for and oversee fundraising activities for the club players. This Director shall also seek grants, donations, and other fundraising opportunities for the club as a whole.
  • SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings, and maintain files of the club. The Secretary shall prepare an agenda for board meetings and be the point of contact for adding agenda items. The Secretary will assist president in corresponding with coaches.
  • ACTIVITIES: This Director shall be responsible for all club activities including the parade, swimming party, and any other club activities.
  • DIRECTOR OF COACHING: This officer shall be responsible for developing a coaching manual that explains in detail how soccer should be coached for each age group in the club. The manual should be focused on achieving the club's stated goals by creating a system that focuses on the development of all players in a way that is positive and fun. This officer shall be responsible for planning and conducting coaches' meetings for all recreation and competition coaches prior to the start of season and ensuring that the coaches are following the instructions in the coaching manual. This officer will be a support person for all coaches within the club and may delegate as needed to be able to provide support for all coaches. This officer will also assist in recruiting coaches, will notify/provide coaches training classes when available, and will also provide training in best practices of coaching. A minimum coaching license level of an 'E', with a recommendation level of a 'D' is needed to be eligible for this position. The director of coaching may have an assistant of his choosing to help fulfill his responsibilities.


OPEN OFFICER POSITION (Paid Position, Training Provided, Please send resume to by October 22.)


  • Responsible for the annual or semi-annual registration of players in the club.
  • Responsible for advertising and orchestrating registration each season.
  • Oversees the collection of paperwork necessary for registration.
  • Maintain a list of all club members and contact information for club members.
  • Work with the President Elect to increase enrolment.
  • Work with the Treasurer to account for registration moneys.
  • Attends monthly board meeting
OPEN OFFICER POSITION (Paid Position, Training Provided, Please send resume to by October 22.)
This role will include, but may not be limited to the following areas of focus:
1. Club and League Development to Raise Standards Across BEU footprint -- Collaborate with BEU leadership on creating BEU club standards to enhance the game and improve player development.
  • DOC liaison. The BEU Technical Director will be very active and accessible to BEU directors, staying in the forefront of any soccer education/administration developments with within the bigger soccer environment
  • Recreation/Academy Liaison. Work with BEU’s recreation/academy program to continue to grow BEU’s player numbers at the recreation level as well as ensure development is in place for proper growth of players.
  • Tournament Liaison. Work with BEU’s tournament director to continue to grow BEU’s registered team numbers and enhance the standing of our tournament within the state.
  • BEU Staff Liaison. Review BEU recreation league and tournament policies to ensure appropriate player development foundation. Work with staff to develop membership and club acquisition materials and strategies.
2. Coaching Education.
  • Create, develop and implement an annual coaching education program designed to assist BEU member teams and directors with continued professional development.
  • Provide BEU members with formal and informal educational opportunities via various partnerships and collaborations. Focus on key areas that relate to improving youth soccer in Box Elder County and what will be most beneficial to BEU Coaches and Directors.
  • Form positive relationships with Utah Youth Soccer, colleges, RSL and other organizations that can help in our growth both in size and education.
3. Activity Involvement -- Work with various activities that enhance our club, including:
  • Recreation league
  • Tournament
  • Academy
  • Indoor league
  • Coaches trainings
  • USSF C or above, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma or comparable
  • Preference given to individuals with USSF National Youth License
  • Minimum 10 years of youth coaching and/or Director experience.
  • Inspirational, motivational and influential public speaker and presenter
  • Managerial experience – ability to work within a very collegial environment
  • Event management experience
  • Experience with software systems (Gmail, Microsoft Office, etc.)